The Power Monkees

Stories where the Monkees are superheroes! Alternate Universe all the way!



Power -- The Monkees become superheroes!

The Fantastiks -- More about their new powers is learned as their next case hits a bit too close to home.

One Micky Too Many -- Loosely based on "Monkees Watch Their Feet", rough draft written in 1988 from a synopsis years before I saw the show Micky is kidnapped and cloned by aliens.

Cowboys And Monkees -- Loosely based on "Monkees' Wild West Show", rough draft written in 1988 from a synopsis years before I saw the show The Monkees go to Texas to help Mike's Aunt Kate.

Link -- A second radiation blast makes Peter and Mike closer than brothers.

Quest One: She-Monks -- First of eight interdimensional quests. The Monkees meet the Monkees -- sort of.

Quest Two: No Man's Land -- A medaeval world where men are second-class citizens.

Quest Three: The Ring -- Brothers in the Civil War.

Quest Four: Revolution! -- The Monkees are swept up in a revolution on a world degenerating into barbarism.

Quest Five: Aybim -- A world ruled by a giant computer.

Quest Six: Moonbow -- The Monkees land on a pirate ship!

Quest Seven: The Con Artist -- Intrigue in Washington, D.C.

Quest Eight: Heretic -- Davy is multiply maimed on the final quest.

Quest's End -- At long last, the Monkees go home. Or do they?

Adjustments -- Learning to live lives they never thought they would be.

NOTE: It was during this time that another band gained incredible abilities and became the Power Monkees' greatest ally. Follow this link to the tales of The Elemental Who.

Falconman -- An old enemy becomes a new supervillain.

Dopplegangers -- How can one fight himself? The Monkees are about to find out -- four times over!

Merge -- Meet Michael Tork!

Dark Ages 1968 -- The Thirteenth century invades the Twentieth!

Walk The Night -- Brothers walking the night together.

...And Then There Were Five... -- An innocent bystander gets swept up in forces beyond his control -- and reveals a powerful secret!

Topsy-Turvy World -- The Monkees' powers are all switched around! Why?

Ornithophobia -- The exact timeline of the Power Monkees series is revealed as an old enemy returns -- with another old enemy involved!

May 22, 2004 A Stranger Vacation -- Davy takes off on a vacation and meets two friends! Crossover with Emergency! and Forever Knight.

March 8, 2008 James' Tale -- Valerie's butler's personal past comes back to haunt the Monkees.



None As Yet -- Coming.



September 18, 2013 Thirteen -- Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis All 13 year old John Sheppard wanted was to fly....

M3 -- Micky, MacGyver, and Murdoc -- Cowritten with Abby Freeman Crossover with MacGyver.



May 14 2009 25 -- A look at each of the Monkees on their 25th wedding anniversaries.

Faery Tale -- Thirty years to the day after they're empowered, a new phase of the Monkees' lives begins!

This Means War -- Monkees meet Gargoyles with Mike's kingdom on the line!

November 26, 2008 Fury -- Davy finally confronts Mara over Bess's death. Crossover with M7 ATF AU.

March 6, 2008 Unlikely Friends -- Peter befriends an acerbic astrophysicist. Crossover with my Stargate:Atlantis AU.

March 21, 2008 Telling Daddy -- One of the many children the Monkees helped raise comes home on furlough to tell Mike one of his huge secrets. Crossover with my Stargate:Atlantis AU.

October 28, 2008 Real Family -- How Atlantis's favourite son became one of the Monkees' children. Crossover with my Stargate:Atlantis AU.

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