Walk The Night

By Enola Jones


The steady and unmistakable sounds of Mike's lasers rang out as he fought alongside his link-brother. Mike and Peter made their way down the castle hall, each inch of ground hard-fought territory.

While they were fighting, one of their opponents grabbed a mirror. He aimed it at Mike. Mike's laser hit it and ricocheted back at him, striking him full in the face.

With a primal scream, Mike went to his knees, hands over his face.

The tide turned then. Peter was infuriated and unleashed his telekinesis, blowing several opponents into walls and knocking them out.

Several opponents surrounded Mike, hoping to surround and attack the blinded man.

When suddenly, Mike straightened, firing laser after laser with pinpoint accuracy.

"Mike!" Peter gasped. "You...you can see?"

Mike grinned up at him. "My lasers' light. I'm immune to my lasers' effects."

Peter smiled at him --- and a gunshot rang out. The bullet skimmed across Mike's nose.

Peter's smile and then his expression of shock were the last things Mike saw before the blackness of blindness descended upon him.


Mike sat bolt upright in bed, sweating and trembling. Another nightmare reflecting his deepest fear.

Mike was a light-emitter. He depended upon light for his power, for his very sanity. Blindness was his greatest fear --- either in himself or caused by his light without his control.

He lay his head in his hands and trembled. The nightmares always frightened him. Peter was the only other one who knew, and that was only because he could keep no secrets from his link-brother.

A firm, warm arm descended upon his shoulders. Mike turned, startled, schooling his face into impassivity so he could deny what was happening ----

Only to find Peter looking at him. Without a word, either verbally or telepathically, Peter spread his arms in a silent and unmistakable invitation.

Mike looked at him for a moment, then something deep inside of him broke. With a soundless cry, he half-flung himself into Peter's arms and the tears began.

Peter held him silently, stroking his ebony hair. They sat there till Mike's tears abated. Mike sat up and gave a watery smile.

The blonde took his hand and glided them both down the stairs. They sat on the couch, Peter producing tissues. Mike chuckled. "Thanks...."

Anytime, brother, Peter thought.

Mike gave a start. "Brother?"

The bedimpled smile shone as Peter beamed. "Yeah," he whispered. "Brother. This link has made us brothers in all but blood."

"Brothers...." Mike smiled, one to rival Peter's. "I like that...."

The pair sat on the couch, holding each other until the nightmares fled.

Brothers in all but blood, Peter had said. The more they thought about it, the more it made sense.

Peter and Mike sat there, as they would for many nights to come, as they would for many days yet to dawn. Brothers walking the night as they would walk their lives ----


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