By Enola Jones


It was not planned, their meeting again. Davy had come to Denver -- without the others -- to attend a fund raiser for the Red Rocks Ampitheatre. It was one of his favourite places to play, simply because of the sheer beauty of the place.

Among the "beautiful people" and occasional law enforcement officers, Davy felt his breath leave him in a "Whoosh!" as he saw her.

She was laughing, hanging on the arm of a tall, dark haired man with a mustache. They were laughing and acting like they were having a very good time.

Davy waited until the man headed for the punch bowl, then he approached her. "Of all the people to run into, I run into a murdering queen bitch."

She whirled, her eyes narrowing. "Jones," she snarled.

"Hello, Mara." He smiled, but it was a very cold one that did not touch his eyes.

Her lip curled and she jerked her head to the side. "This is solely between you and I."

"For once -- I agree." He swept a hand out in a chivalrous gesture, but his sneer twisted it into something mocking. As she accepted his gesture, her sneer turned her acceptance into an insult.

They exited onto the spacious balcony, and Mara turned to face Davy. "There's hardly room to fight."

Davy moved to the railing, forcing her to move with her back to the ballroom to keep her eyes on him. "I don't want to physically fight you." He saw the tall man appear at the doorway, but didn't let on he saw him. "I just want an answer, Mara. Why the hell did you kill my wife?"

The tall man stiffened.

Mara laughed. "Your dear Bess? She was mine first. She was one of my best, and you turned her into the worst kind of traitor!"

"I loved her!" Davy roared. "And she loved me!"

"I sent her to destroy you!" Mara bellowed. "Not to join you against me!"

"So you murdered her!"

"And you're next!" Her hand glowed and she fired a beam of light at him.

Davy jerked to the side and the blast blew a hole in the railing.

The tall man burst onto the balcony and emptied his gun into her back.

Mara staggered, then spun. The tall man's eyes went huge as he registered her blazing orange eyes and her fanged mouth. He swore at the top of his lungs.

Davy's head suddenly appeared over Mara's shoulder. He was suddenly the other man's height. The other man watched as Davy's arms went around her waist -- and suddenly pulled in two different directions.

There was a sickening crunch and her voice rose in an unearthly scream as Davy's super-strength separated vertebrae and tore spinal nerves. Suddenly Mara turned to smoke and dissolved before their eyes.

"And there goes her mate," Davy muttered and the other man turned to find a blond man racing toward the balcony, dissolving into smoke as well.

"What were they?" the tall man breathed.

"Pure evil," Davy replied. "Can't be killed, but can be defeated. It should take awhile for her to heal enough to bother us again." He shrank as he spoke, back to the size he had been. He shot the man a rueful grin. "Sorry you lost your date -- but thanks for the backup."

"That wasn't easy, shooting a woman." He shuddered. "But when I saw her attack you..."

Davy stuck out his hand. "Davy Jones."

"Buck Wilmington." He shook Davy's hand. "You're a meta-human, aren't you?"

Davy nodded. "You?"

"Nah, just a regular joe." He jerked his head toward the ballroom. "Buy you a drink?"

"Thank you -- I'd like that. After that, I think I need one!"

"You and me both, Jones. You and me both."


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