The Elemental Who

In this spin-off of The Power Monkees, the Who create and star in a variety show called "Sound And Picture city". To promote it, they embark on a tour of England. One of the first stops is a rest break for them to tour Stonehenge. And on that journey, they are forever changed.

Elemental Who Wallpaper by *Snarktastic on deviantART

Artwork used with permission of the artist.

The Sixties

Added July 31, 2007 Birth Of Destiny -- A visit to Stonehenge on a promotional tour changes the Who into Elementals. Co-Written with Mich.

Added April 22, 2008 Merman -- Keith's power produces a mutation.

Added January 24, 2010 Water Song -- Another side-effect to their new abilites is revealed, and this time it's a happy one!

The Seventies

The Eighties

The Nineties

Added March 26, 2008 Bar Encounter -- John keeps watch over a very drunk Daniel Jackson. Crossover with SG:1, just after the first episode. In what will eventually become the Gifts Universe in Stargate: Atlantis.

Beyond 2000

Added March 19, 2008 Surfer Boy -- While on a furlough to Earth, Colonel John Sheppard of Atlantis is rescued -- by a merman.

Added March 23, 2008 Beach Encounter -- Roger becomes mesmerised by a woman doing Tai Chi -- unaware she's an alien.

Added March 24, 2008 Past Mistakes -- Pete's horrific injury in the 80s set a young man on the course to become the finest doctor in two galaxies.

Other Who Tales

Tales of the Who that don't fit into the Elementals world.

Added June 29, 2007 Darkened Moon -- The Smothers' Brothers Show appearance goes horribly wrong -- and Keith Moon's eyes pay the price.

Added March 2, 2008 Best Friends - A simple little love story starring Keith.

Added March 10, 2008 Quiet One - A scuffle onstage costs John his hearing.

Come Together

AU crossover series with the Magnificent Seven

February 14, 2008 London -- Blown back into the past, Roger Daltrey meets Ezra Standish -- and finds another of his friends among Ezra's Seven.

February 16, 2008 Who Are You? -- Vin Tanner is having a little trouble with Keith Moon aka JD Dunne's deception.

May 4, 2008 Past Meeting -- Seeing Keith and Roger triggers a memory for Josiah Sanchez -- a memory of an old friend named John.

May 6, 2008 Hermit -- Nathan has a hermit friend outside of Four Corners -- who has a connection to Moon and Daltrey.

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