By Enola Jones

Tired from the physics conference, Rodney had crashed in the hotel room early. John made sure he would be okay, then caught a “puddlejumper” plane – he couldn’t help but grin at the ironic name – to fly him from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Once there, he took a cab to Malibu Beach – and walked to a yellow beachhouse. His arrival shocked the hell out of its two inhabitants.

Once they’d fed him, the taller stood. “Let’s walk, son. You’ve got something on your mind.”

John nodded and followed him. The beach was deserted that time of the evening, and they walked in silence. John kept shooting his companion looks, until the man began to laugh.

“Well, what did you expect?” John spluttered. “It’s been ten years and you still look younger than me!”

“We were taken back pretty far,” his de-aged companion – Mike Nesmith – laughed. “I think I ended up 21 or 22. And we aged well the first time, so… Though raising you lot didn’t help matters!”

John grinned. “Yeah, you helped a lot of us grow up when we needed parents. A lot of us think of you as our real parents. Including me.”

“And a lot of you joined the military,” Mike chuckled. “Despite our pacifist views!” He dodged John’s swipe at him.

“Pacifist, my ass…. This from a man who battles supervillains and monsters on a regular basis!”

“So…what’s on your mind.”

John sighed. “I wanted you to know – I’m… I’m like Peter.”

Mike stopped walking. He studied John closely, then he drew in a deep breath. “You’re telekinetic.”


“How powerful?”

“Not very. If it’s fifteen pounds, it’s my upper limit. And I’ve got the same limitation he does – I have to be looking at it to move it.”

“Your eyes – do they glow?”

“No – there’s no physical sign. Which is really good – cause if they did glow…well.” He couldn’t go on – he didn’t know how much Mike knew, and he couldn’t tell him about the Stargate or the Goa’uld unless he already knew.

“Wouldn’t be good, would it?” Mike squeezed John’s shoulder. “You okay with it?”

“I am. I’m not alone. I’ve got friends – one of who’s got powers, too – who’re helping me.”

Mike grinned. “Then you’re blessed, John.”

John matched his grin. “I know.”


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