By Enola Jones

The first time Josiah Sanchez met John, they were facing each other over a table in a monastery. There was a profound sadness in the man with the long dark hair and mournful eyes, Josiah noted.

Like himself, John was not a monk. But he was staying awhile at the monastery to "regroup", he'd put it. "To figure out.... where I go from here."

Josiah had prayed often for him, down through the years. He wasn't sure why he'd thought of John now – "unless it has something to do with you two."

JD – Keith, Josiah corrected himself – looked over at Roger. "John's a pretty common name," JD – aw, hell, it was just easier to call him that – said in that accent that still sounded odd to hear.

"And long black hair and grey eyes are pretty common," Roger said. "Did he sound like he was from England?"

"When he spoke, yeah," Josiah said.

JD's wide brown eyes lit. "That spider I gave him his last birthday – Josiah, was he wearing a necklace shaped like a spider?"

Josiah shook his head. "I didn't notice a necklace. Although speaking of oddities, he did have one bizarre quirk that I remember." He smiled fondly. "When it stormed – every time the thunder would roll, he'd make a strange motion." He moved his right hand to chest height, where they could see. "He'd do it at his hip, but he'd do this."

And Josiah's fingers moved.

"Omig-d," Roger breathed. "That's exactly how--"

"—he'd tap the bass strings," JD finished. "Siah, that's our friend! John Entwistle! Where was that monastery?"

"Castle Ridge – three days' ride," Josiah said. "But – but that was at least ten years ago--"

"We don't age," Roger pointed out.

JD caught Roger's arm as he stood. "Hold on, Siah's right. I want him to be there as badly as you do – but that was a long time ago. We've no guarantee he's still there."

A clearing throat had them turning to look at Ezra, who was standing in the doorway. "I know the telegraph operator at Castle Ridge. Perhaps I could have him check?"

JD's smile was grateful. "I owe ya one, Ezra."

"Yes, well..." And for once, Ezra found himself wordless.


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