By Enola Jones

When asked how he met her, Keith would always go silent. Truth be told, he couldn’t really remember how he met her.

She had just shown up at a concert one night. And the next night. And the next night.

They were never really introduced. She knew he was Keith Moon, and once when a guy she was with got irritated at her, he learned her name was Brandi Renée Howard.

One evening, he just sat down beside her and started talking. He found a wit that matched his own and an intellect that took him by surprise.

And she didn’t seem interested in sleeping with him. “That’s just not my way,” she explained. “You’re wonderful and all…”

For the next two years, they spoke every day. Keith dated one woman exclusively and very nearly proposed – till she gave him an ultimatum. Back off of Brandi – or say goodbye to her.

After a severe fight, Keith showed up on Brandi’s doorstep. Devastated.

Without a word, Brandi made up the couch for him.

Keith never spoke to his near-fiancée again.

Brandi, meanwhile, was dating as well. And Keith hated him. His hatred grew when Brandi didn’t show up at a gig and he found her with a black eye and a split lip. He held her close as she defended the bastard. He held her without a word until she fell asleep.

Then he called John. Then he called Roger. One look at Brandi was all it took. John sat down in the living room and watched over her.

Keith and Roger put the low-life in the hospital.

Brandi learned of their involvement when the man threatened to sue. She didn’t speak to Keith for a miserable 24 hours, then decided it was one of the most gallant things she’d ever seen.

The Who’s management convinced the man to drop the lawsuit – or they’d expose him as a woman-beater. Because that would jeopardize his position in the company he worked for, he dropped the lawsuit.

But after that, Brandi and Keith were inseparable.

Nobody was surprised when they eventually married.

Keith treated her like a princess. Brandi treated him like the king of her heart.

There is no such thing in reality as “happily ever after”. Brandi nearly died during both of her miscarriages. After that, they decided together not to have children, happy with each other.

The first gig of a tour to promote “Endless Wire” turned into a party backstage to celebrate one of the longest-lasting marriages in show business – on Keith and Brandi Moon’s 35th wedding anniversary.


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