Shared Works

Stories I've written with other people that are series unto themselves or one-shot deals.


CoWritten Pages

Secrets and Lies -- The brainchild of Mich, which she's kindly invited me to play in. A series where the Monkees get new abilities and face the episodes and beyond with new challenges.

The Agnes and Al Leaps -- An AU of Lenora's Agnes stories.


CoWritten Stories

The Trauma Series -- With Madame. Seven stories putting the Monkees-- and Mike's girlfriend Isabel -- through the Year of Hell.

Power Isa Stories -- With Madame. A pair of stories wherein Isabel joins the Power Monkees.

Changes -- With Weefers. Mike and Peter are kidnapped and altered by aliens.

May 16, 2004 Changes: Grief -- with Weefers. The Monkees lose someone very close to them -- and it nearly tears them apart. Rated FRT (Fan Rating suitable for Teenagers) for thematic elements.

May 22, 2004 Changes: Deja Vu All Over Again -- with Weefers. The final story in the "Changes" series finds Davy and Micky in the same situation as Peter and Mike were! Rated FRT for thematic elements.

The Peter Doolittle Series -- with Michaela. A new batch of powerful Monkees comes to light in this Peter-centric series!

Bringing Up Davy -- With Shells. A mishap with Father Time changes Davy -- and the Monkees -- for life!

Steven's Ending to Bringing Up Davy -- A parody on the tale written by my husband!

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