The Trauma Series And Power Isa Stories

The introduction to the Trauma Series can be found Here .


The Trauma Series

Texas Darkening -- Mike loses his sight.

World of Silence -- Davy goes deaf.

Still Life -- Micky's legs are paralysed.

Identity Crisis -- probably the ultimate trauma. Peter's mind shatters, causing him to adopt a personality he thinks is strong. Unfortunately, it's Mike's....

Heart of the Wolf -- After the events of "Identity Crisis", Mike must relearn how to be Mike.

Some of Isa's Blues -- Now it's Isabel's turn.

Facing Fear-Ward -- The Year of Hell still has ramifications for Davy. The Final Story In The Trauma Series.


Power Isa

Healing Hands -- Mike loves Isabel; but why won't he tell her his powerful secret? And what is she hiding?

Veritas -- (May 6, 2003) An attack threatens more than Mike and Isabel's relationship -- their lives are suddenly on the line.

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