The Peter Doolittle Series

By Michaela and En

Michaela and I created a batch of different Power Monkees! There are six stories -- so far -- centrally linked here! The links will become active as the stories are uploaded.

Portals to Stories

August 16, 2003 The Computer Wore Love Beads -- An accident at a science lab has repercussions for Peter.

September 3, 2003Peter Doolittle -- Peter's gifts bring changes to Micky and a quest to save a race of animals that they thought only existed in myth!

September 30, 2003Journey -- The last of gifts come to the fore in a medaeval time where twins are murdered.

October 20, 2003Helping Out -- Back home, they find themselves aiding the Babbitts!

December 15, 2003Return of the Computer -- A fever leads to a chilling change and an identity crisis.

January 13, 2004Revelations -- A hidden illness is no longer hidden, and it affects two Monkees instead of one.