Alternate Ending to “Bringing up Davy”

by Steven Jones

Epilogue 1:
By En and Shells

They all live happily ever after.

Epilogue 2:
By Himself

Micky jogged up the rickety stairs, and let himself in through the sliding glass door.

"Where's Davy?" Peter asked

....da de da de da...

Davy walks along the beach and turns to view the beach house. Suddenly without warning the house begins to shimmer and then slowly fades away.

"Wha'?" exclaims Davy.

Then the whole beach turns white like a cloud, and all reality fades away. In exasperation the young man begins to run. "But where to run?" he thought. Every where he looked was this vast nothingness. "Where am I? Where is everyone? Can anybody hear me? Micky?...Peter?...Mike?..." Finally in desperation the young man screamed a scream of utter terror. His world had just ended and he had a feeling that he was next. So he screamed....





"Wha? What did you say?" In that familiar British accent.

Just then he realized that it had all been a dream. The accident, growing up again, Doc Beverly, all of it…was just a dream.

He turned to look at who had woke him from this life that was not real. "Da...I mean Petah how long have I been out of it?"

"For about four hours now. Doc Crusher said that you had a nasty bump on your head from the fall at the concert yesterday."

"Four hours!?... Fall?...Petah how did I fall?"

At that moment Mike enters the hospital room and bellows "because you thought it would be a cool thing to try and do that thing that punk rockers do. You know, jump into a mass of concert goers and hope they catch you and carry you all over the auditorium. Well you jumped and they reached, but you forgot about the orchestra pit. As you can imagine you took quite a fall. And you’re lucky to be alive. But that wasn't the worst of it, if you can imagine."

"Oh no?” said Davy.

"No, the worst thing that happened was that you fell into the sousaphone and it took three men to pull you out."

"Oh... no wonder me head is poundin' like a hammer." He shook his head. "Wait till I tell you the dream I just had!"

And he told them everything.

"Wow," Peter said. "What a dream!"

Confused, Davy said, "But it wasn't a dream, was it? I mean, it was so real, so lifelike. I could taste and smell. You can't dream that, can you?"

"Well," Mike said, "I don't know about that, but I do know one thing that proves that it's a dream."

"Oh, really?" Davy asked. "What was that?"

"Davy, the one thing I'd never do is... diapers. I hate diapers; they stink, they look yuck, they..."

All of a sudden, the other three started laughing, until Davy winced and put a hand to his aching head. "Oh," he laughed, "me 'ead...."

The End

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