Enola speaking.....

These stories were completed in 1998 and are very special to my heart. So it is with a joyful heart that I repost The Trauma Series here at the Realm. Madame's page is gone now, and the Soap Series with it, and thus I am doubly grateful for her permitting the Trauma Series and the Power Isa pair of stories to remain.

So, these nine stories are dedicated to you, Madame -- who brought Isabel and Mags to wonderful life and who, in 1997, showed a shy newbie who doubted herself she could, indeed, flourish if she only tried.

You are loved, dear friend.

April 25, 2001


Madame speaking....

As most of you who have come here already know, Enola and I have both created our own little alternate Monkees universes--Enola has her superhero stories, and I have my soap opera.

And now together we've created an alternate universe of our alternate universes!

I'm not sure how this all got started now. I think she offered to show me the first few scenes of Texas Darkening, and--Nez Girl that I am--I jumped at the chance to read them. She asked for feedback, and I suggested narrowing the focus to be primarily on either Mike or Peter, but not both. She replied that the story seemed to have a split focus--but she was having trouble writing Mike's side of things.


The next thing I know, I've agreed to write Mike while she writes Peter, and suddenly I'm knee-deep in fanfic, staying up until all hours of the morning frantically zapping scenes back and forth with her via e-mail.

The idea for this story--and the next three to come--came from Enola; I simply took what she wrote and put my "spin" on it, concentrating on Mike and Isabel--whom Enola graciously included in the cast--while she focused on Peter. We sort of took turns on Micky and Davy, although to be completely honest, they're pretty minor characters in this one.

This is the first collaborative piece I've ever done, but it was great fun--obviously, since we've got three more in the works. Let's put it this way: Enola is determined to put each one of the guys through their own personal purgatory. Mike is the first, but he is by no means the last...:D

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Much giggling and bouncing off the walls was involved with a few tense moments provided by our computers when they decided to crash at inopportune times.

And now, on to the first in our series...

January 1998 (I think. --E.)

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