Star Trek

Due to lack of knowledge (translation: stupid local stations that won't run the shows) I know nothing about DS9 or Voyager. All my stories are TOS or TNG, therefore.


The Original Series

Trinneth -- The Enterprise goes to a living world, and Kirk pays the price. What good is a mute captain?

Power's End -- A sequel to "Plato's Stepchildren", wherein Kirk's telekinesis didn't quite wear off as fast....


The Next Generation

Dopplegangers -- Riker and Data meet alternate versions of themselves, and they aren't -- quite -- what is expected.

Through A Distorted Mirror -- Riker and Troi return from Risa -- to a different Enterprise than they left.

The Other Side of the Mirror -- The events of 'Through a Distorted Mirror' -- from the other Riker and Troi's perspective.

July 14,2003 Switch -- A visit from Q changes Data and Riker. Will insanity result?

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