By Enola Jones

Written for the Last Fanfiction Writer Standing challenge to only use secondary characters.

Radek had found a way to possibly perfect the activation and firing of the drones while a Jumper was still cloaked. That would come in handy, as we wouldn't have to give our positions away every time we fired. All that remained was a trial run in a safe location. I was along with Radek and Major Lorne because I had the Gene and had had some flight training as well.

"All right," Radek said. "We are at the coordinates. Are we still cloaked?"

"Yes," Major Lorne replied. "Now?"


And the drone activated while it was still inside its mooring. It did not exit the mooring, but exploded in place.

The force of the explosion blew Radek across the Jumper, where he sagged to the floor, unconscious.

"Zelen--" was all Major Lorne got out before the pilot's console exploded, knocking him back into his chair. He reached for it and the Jumper lurched, sending him forward into the straps. They gave, and he impacted with the console and slid to the floor.

I re-strapped in and fought the sluggish controls as we began to spin. "Mayday!" I called into the radio. "Mayday! Jumper Three to Atlantis! Mayday!"

Sergeant Campbell's voice had never sounded so welcome. "Atlantis here Doctor Kusanagi? Is that you?"

"Yes!" With as few words as possible, I explained the situation. All the while, I fought the controls and the wild spin.

"We have a fix on you! Try to hold on!"

That was all I heard. The force of the Jumper hitting the water knocked me into silent darkness.

I do not recall if I had time to de-cloak.

When next I knew anything, it was to Doctor Biro's smiling face and the whiteness of the infirmary. I would be their guest awhile, thanks to the two broken arms and the concussion I had sustained in the crash.

Radek and Major Lorne would be all right as well, eventually, though I would have them as bunkmates for awhile. Major Lorne told me I showed real steel out there, that by fighting to slow the Jumper successfully, as it turned out -- I had saved their lives.

Radek had agreed, and together we decided to shelve the drone experiments for now.

I pondered the Major's words for a long while. It felt nice to be told I had steel inside.


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