Starsky And Hutch

The blonde and the curly-haired jokester. (Hmm. Sounds like two other cuties in another universe! LOL!) Cops in Bay City, Starsky and Hutch keep law and order while keeping each other sane!


The Silent Knight Universe

Silent Knight -- Deafened and muted, can Hutch still be a cop?

Once Bitten -- Starsky and Hutch team up with a nocturnal partner on Halloween.

Blinded Knight -- A drabble story. Hutch loses his sight as well as his hearing.

June 4, 2008. Understanding -- Crossover with The Magnificent Seven ATF AU. Starsky finds himself pacing a hospital waiting room with only a man in black by his side -- who doesn't understand.

November 1, 2008 Escape! -- Crossover with the Magnificent Seven ATF AU. Hutch must work with a young computer expert to escape their captors.


The Distaff Universe

Distaff -- If genders were reversed, will the dynamics of friendship remain?

Bridge -- Hutch's first day back at work.

Flower Talk -- Valentine's Day was rough before....

Mad Season -- Why is Hutch being pressured to go undercover?Rated FRM (Fan Rating Suitable for Mature Persons) for mature themes and graphic descriptions

Blindfolded -- In an AU twist on the episode "Blindfold", the girl Starsky shoots in the aftermath of the bank robbery -- is Hutch.

Family Trials -- Hutch's mother finds out about the profound -- and permanent -- change in her child.

March 28, 2008. Not Alone -- Hutch is sinking fast. How can she know she is not alone?

July 19, 2008. Gentlemen -- In this final story of the Distaff Series, Hutch's apartment is vandalised, leading to a lifetime of joy with a true gentleman. Rated FRT (Fan Rating Suitable For Teenagers) for language and themes.



September 23, 2008. Child's Play -- How Starsky and Hutch became Temporalmorphs -- age-shifters.

November 12, 2008. First Assignment -- Their first assignment leads them to a children's home to find out who murdered a young boy. Rated FRM (Fan Rating Suitable for Mature Persons) for mature themes and graphic descriptions


Standalone Stories

Black Day -- Pure H/C fic. Hutch is injured by a tornado, and Starsky has to use drastic measures to help him.

Parallels -- Crossover with the Monkees finds two nearly-identical pairs of detectives pooling their resources to solve a bi-city murder spree.

September 6, 2008 Parallels Redux -- It's time for double doubles once more!

Half A Man -- Will a paralysed Hutch ever walk again?

Silent Fury -- A bet's consequences.

Altered Reality -- A story told through drabbles. Starsky is deafened by a madman. Is it for good?

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