By Enola Jones

“Hey – you aren’t asleep yet?”

“No. Sorry. My head’s too full.”

“Carson said it might be, after that jolt you took. What in the world possessed you to take that chance?”

“I…I wanted to.”

“C’mon. I know you, remember? You’re not the grand risk-taking type!”

“Maybe it’s time I started.”

“Okay, talk to me.”

“About what?”

“Now I know something’s wrong. You’re not normally this quiet.”

“Maybe I should be. Maybe it’s time I started to be a man of action. Maybe I’ll even learn to use a gun.”



“I didn’t hear you.”

“You liked him … that other me. The personable man of action.”

“Yeah, but I like you, too. And he wasn’t you.”

“All I am is smart.”

“John – I happen to like my friends smart.”

“Even if I’m not Mister Action?”

“Even if. Now rest. You got one hell of a jolt.”


“Night, John.”

“Night, Rod.”


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