By Enola Jones


“Hey, Dean!”

“Well, well.. hey yourself, Sandy! How’s life on the other coast treating you?”

Her laughter rang. “Really nice! Everything is beyond my wildest dreams!” There was a long pause. “How’s Jim?”

“He’s getting better. He just needed some time to accept that your living in D.C. is not putting yourself deliberately in harm’s way.”

There was another pause. “And his…?”

“Why don’t you ask me yourself, Chief?” came a chuckle into the phone.

She found herself laughing as well. “Because I figured you’d forgotten how to talk on the phone!”

“Oh, very funny!” But he was laughing. “So DC is good for you?”

“I think I’m good for DC!” she shot back.

“My ex-partner… a consultant on Sentinels for the FBI…” Jim sniffled exaggeratedly. “Our little girl’s growin’ up, Dean…”

“I know,” Dean mock-sobbed. “It’s so beautiful…”

“Oh, dry up, you two!” Sandy howled with laughter. For some moments, merry laughter rang down the line, then Sandy asked, “Jim – seriously – how are your senses doing?”

“I’ve had some adjusting,” Jim admitted. “Learning to focus on Dean and not search for you…but I’m adjusting well.”

“He’s not just saying that,” Dean put in. “He really is doing well.”

Sandy took a deep breath. “I’m so glad to hear that… I worried so much…”

“And now you won’t?” Dean asked.

“Are you kidding?” Sandy laughed. “I’m a chronic worrier, you know that!”

More laughter, then she said, “Well, the reason I called was, you need to talk to Simon.”

“Why?” they chorused.

“Daryl called me last night – he thinks his wife might have Sentinel tendencies and he’s scared she’ll be rejected.”

Jim sighed. “Oh, brother. Yeah, I’ll call him.”

“Thanks, man – I know he won’t and you guys know he won’t –“

“But Daryl’s too close to the situation,” Jim finished. “Will do, Chief. We still on for Christmas?”

“Always. See you then, Jim. Bye, Dean!”

“Bye, Sandy,” Dean said. “Say hi to Cindy for me.”

“Will do, pal.”

“Keep safe, you hear me?”

“Loud and clear, Jim. You do the same!”

“Later, Chief.”

Then, as one, three cell phones clicked off.

The End

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