By Enola Jones

Written for the Three Word challenge: hot, desert, summer.

Four Corners was geographically interesting. On one side of the town lay mountains. Another two were bounded by woods --- and a beautiful river.

And on the southwestern side of Four Corners lay desert. And the summer breezes made the town nearly stifling hot.

The six Regulators that protected the town would patrol the outskirts morning and evening. They would try to find trouble before trouble arrived at the town.

But there was a huge gap of time every day when the Six did not patrol. Ezra was the first to point that out to Matt.

Together, they informed their friends. Together, the seven preteens and teenagers worked out a schedule.

And together --- in groups of two or more --- the Junior Seven patrolled when the Six did not. They became the Six's eyes and ears --- bringing news of trouble to the Six. They worked with them for nearly a year before the Six realised that the Junior Seven had become Regulators in their own right.

And Four Corners was safer than ever.


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