By Enola Jones

Note: This is the story of an away team mission told many generations after the fact. There has been lingual drift in the names -- most of which are easily recognisable. The one that is not is "Iumberon", which we know of as Jumper One. Inspired by the "Gods and Monsters" challenge on LiveJournal.

Lo, for many long, unnumb'red years
The great beasts of old roamed our shore,
Feasting on our people and demanding more --
They embodied all our horrors and all our fears.

The greatest of these was a beast of rock
Whose visage was terrible to behold.
And even to these monsters of old,
His brutality seemed a great shock.

But then, salvation from on high arose!
For through the Ring of Water came
A great ship -- Iumberon by name --
Ferrying four god-touched great heroes.

Great leader Sebard, a man of might
Whose mere thought brought the breath of life
To unmoving things, and no stranger to strife.
His touch set the great ship a'flight.

By his side, as always, the brave Magay --
Granted a great gift by the gods -- was there.
He could form crystal rock from the very air --
But whether blessed or punished, only he could say.

The third was the powerful warrior Ronun
Who possessed the power of ten men.
Slow of speech, yet quick of mind, a friend
As loyal from danger would never run.

Also was regal Theila, the warrior-queen
Who had left her people , to best serve her land
She had cast in her lot with this adventuring band
To show them sights they had never seen.

The great ship Iumberon sailed to our shore
Through the Ring of Water, seeking to trade
Goods and knowledge -- and thus they were bade
To rest and feast, and of our people to know more.

But alas! That selfsame day
The rock-man attacked our people from the east.
The council surrendered Iumbaron's crew to the beast,
And thus our heroes did cruelly betray.

True to their natures, the ship's brave crews
To spare our people, went willingly to the lair
Of the rock-man. They waited in captivity there
And discussed amongst themselves what they were to do.

The beast's master chose himself to reveal
To our heroes, who had defeated him before.
Mygul by name, he had come to our shore.
They knew this creature to be of pure evil.

Sebard learned t'was Mygul who made the rock-man
To empower his own and our people to subdue and shock.
For naught, it was thought, could defeat unthinking rock --
And thus, the four crafted a cunning plan.

Cunning but simple was their plan that day:
Evil Mygul, mighty Sebard would fight.
Lovely Theila would see the people all to right.
And the rock-man was faced by Ronun and Magay.

Naught could defeat men made of stone,
Which was the wisdom of all learned men.
And perhaps correct they would have been,
Had Magay been struggling alone.

All at once, the battle began.
Queen Theila with our people did stay
As Sebard and Mygul joined the fray
And Magay and Ronun faced the stone man.

Ronon stood by a jeering Magay,
Both provoking the stone-man to fight.
And when it struck, Magay was proved right,
That when rock strikes rock -- rock chips away.

The stone-man's fists chipped on Magay's crystal shield,
But the slow decay would the battle prolong.
So Magay used the "Od-Sea", his people's warrior-song
For a plan to force the creature to yield.

The two brave warriors feigned cowardice in that place,
As behind the shield Magay formed a spear of crystal rock.
Mighty Ronun hefted it and, to the beast's sudden shock,
Threw the spear over the shield and full into the creature's face.

As the beast roared out its pain and its hate,
Magay and Ronun put out its other eye.
And that was the moment evil Mygul did try
To quit the battle and escape through the "Gate".

But the Ring of the Water to him would not yield,
And Sebard forced the evil Mygul to subdue.
They forced him to free our people, as was our due,
And to still him, a weapon Sebard did wield.

Though now blind, the rock-man still did matter,
As the fighters it could still reach -- it could still kill.
Until with a mighty effort, Magay encased it till
It could not move -- then the beast mighty Ronun did shatter

With another massive spear of crystal rock.
And at last, the tyranny of the beasts was done.
Mygul was defeated, Iumberon's crew had won.
The swiftness of it left our people in shock.

For a very long time our people did grow
In freedom and peace, with our heroes guiding.
Without Mygul and his beasts residing,
We had a peace we thought we'd never know.

And so, my child, in your life strive to learn
To be like the crew -- mighty like Sebard, brave as Magay,
Powerful as Ronun, wise as Theila -- and someday
Perhaps you will witness Iumberon's return.


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