Miscellaneous Fiction

Stories in fandoms I just dabble in.


Star Wars

Light A Single Candle -- A teenage Obi-Wan is blinded.

Tenmonths' End -- Ghost stories at Coruscant's Halloween.


Doctor Who

03-11-04 Danger on Gallifrey -- Why has the Doctor suddenly gone blind?


Harry Potter

03-15-04 From the Front Porch -- Post-Hogwarts, AU. Draco muses on how his life has changed -- and it revolves around Ginny.

05-25-06 Good for the Soul? -- Post-Hogwarts, AU. Ron has a confession to make to Hermione.

03-16-08 Touching Base -- A missing scene from Deathly Hallows. Hermione touches base with Draco after the final battle.


Stargate: SG1

03-26-08 Bar Encounter -- John Entwistle of an AU version of the Who keeps watch over a very drunk Daniel Jackson. Takes place after the first episode.

12-22-10 One Of Those Days -- Daniel introduces Teal'C to the joys of a St Patrick's Day parade.

08-04-08 New Ways -- AU of the Sentinel and Stargate: SG-1. How exactly did Jim and Blair come to be working at Stargate Command?

09-20-13 Stay -- Left with a de-aged Daniel, Jack calls on his ex-wife for help. So will Sara stay?


Others coming as written.

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