By Enola Jones

The email was not short, nor was it sweet. Its rambling tone and shifts in grammar mimicked what Chris could imagine was going on inside their heads.

Since the radiation blast had merged Ezra and Vin’s minds, the leader of Team Seven found himself able to indulge in silent communication with two instead of one. Their similarities were now so pronounced the other members of the Team had taken to calling them ‘The Twins’.

But now the Twins were gone, sent by Travis to follow up rumours that one of the major drug pipelines in Denver was coming out of central Ohio. Missing them acutely, Chris had turned on the computer and had been surprised to find a message dated that morning from the Twins’ joint email account. Grinning, he opened it up.


DATE: 12-24-02
SUBJECT: You Ain’t Gonna Believe THIS One…..

Chris –

First off, we’re here safe and sound; been staying in a hotel here in Kenton OH. We were skeptical about this assignment – I mean, come on! A major drug line to Denver located in the heart of Amish country Ohio?

We need you to tell Travis that his info was dead-on. There’s a trio of families whose kids decided the old ways were too slow and decided to jazz up their lives a bit by making and selling ecstasy.

These kids knew their stuff, Chris. The ecstasy we confiscated rendered the purest batch of the stuff we ever found. The miscreants responsible – all fourteen of them – are now in jail awaiting arraignment. The day after Christmas, no less!

So guess what? We’re STUCK here! Not that we could leave anyway -- not with the airports and major highways shut down with this blizzard.

We’re safe and sound, though. Saw it coming on the news, got ourselves upgraded to a suite with a kitchenette – Travis’s expense account; due to the extenuating circumstances, I’m sure he won’t mind – and went on a combination grocery shopping/take out trip. We’ve enough food for almost a week and enough TV and cards and board games to keep us entertained while we’re stuck here.

Not to mention the computer. *grin*

So we’re going to stay tucked in tight here till the storm’s through and the arraignment’s done. If we need to stay longer, we’ll fly you guys out here.

No way in hell we’re letting New Year’s come and we Seven not be together.

So merry Christmas, Cowboy. Our gifts to you are in Ezra’s townhouse underneath the tree. Tell our fellows we will open ours when we are in Denver once more.

We miss the hell outta you guys.


Vin Tanner
Ezra Standish

“The aggressive undermining of what you know is right
Is the work of fools who think without their mind.”
--M. Nesmith, “Keep On”


Chris smiled and shook his head fondly as he finished the letter. The sig line surprised a laugh out of him. He turned off the computer and sat back before reaching for the cell phone to notify the others.

The Twins were all right – safe and sound, if a bit snowbound. Travis’s mission had been accomplished, and the Seven would soon be together again.

It was a merry Christmas, indeed.

The End

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