By Enola Jones

Written for the "Last Fanfiction Writer Standing 2008, round 4: John and Rodney, John's POV". Loosely based on the idea "What if Search and Rescue was repeated with Rodney in John's place?"

"We have got to stop meeting like this."

That quip surprised a huff of a laugh out of Rodney, followed by a groan.

"Sorry, buddy," John gasped, shifting position again and trying very hard not to jar the piece of metal that was pinning Rodney to the floor. It had missed John completely, but had gone into Rodney's abdomen and stuck him to the floor.

But that had just been the opening salvo. The rest of the attack had brought the building down on the both of them, leaving John pinned against Rodney in a very small space.

Rodney groaned as John shifted position. His eyes closed and he asked brokenly, "Who would do this to us?"

"I don't think it was to us, Rodney I think it was the insanity on this planet getting out of control."

"Caught in... the crossfire, huh?" Rodney shivered. "I hate small spaces..."

"I know, buddy I know." John wracked his brain, desperate for something to distract Rodney from the pain. "Hey, how's---"

Rodney flinched and let out a shuddering stutter of a moan. John winced with it. "Easy, take it easy...."

"Gonna....die here?"

"No, Rodney. We're not gonna die here. They're looking for us. You know they're looking for us. You just hold on."

Rodney's half-opened eyes turned to John and he smiled slightly. " order...Colonel?"

"Damn straight it is." John's eyes bored into Rodney's. "You're on my team. You follow my orders."

"Remember that... next time I need....lightswitch."

John chuckled, then both pairs of eyes widened as their radios activated. Colonel Caldwell's voice had never sounded more welcome to John than at that moment.

John twisted and was able to tap his radio. "We're in a bit of trouble here!" He heard Rodney's incredulous chuckle turn into a moan. "Rodney's badly injured!"

There was a pause, then Caldwell informed them that they would soon be beamed directly to the infirmary. Then he began to ask about Rodney.

"Skewered," John interrupted. "Through the lower abdomen. He's in a hell of a lot of pain."

A moment later, John's vision dissolved into white splotches.

When John could see again, the suffocating dark closeness of the collapsed building had been replaced by the bright chaos of the Daedalus's Infirmary.

"We made it," Rodney breathed just before he passed out.

"Yeah, buddy," John breathed, closing his own eyes. "We made it."


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