Legal Disclaimer

The stories housed in these pages are for entertainment purposes only. No money has exchanged hands -- with the exception of "Limits", which is being used for fundraising purposes for September Eleventh relief. Other than that story, no money whatsoever has been or will be taken.

I do not own any of the fandoms presented here, and no copyright infringement is intended. The Monkees belong to themselves and to Rhino. The Who belong to themselves and their various distributors such as Eel Pie and MCA. The Magnificent Seven are the property of Mirisch and MGM. The Sentinel belongs to Pet Fly. Emergency! belongs to Mark VII productions. Star Trek belongs to Paramount and Desilu. Starsky and Hutch belong to Spelling/Goldberg Productions, Inc. Supernatural is the property of Kripke Media and the CW. Stargate: Atlantis belongs to MGM. Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.

The stories were written from love of the characters and the quest to answer the question "What If?". It is the author's hope that these stories will be received with love.
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