By Enola Jones

"This is all your fault."

"Assigning blame will not help this situation."

"It's still his fault."



"Oh, for look would you shut up already?"

"Still. Your fault."

"No, it's not!"

"He's right. Not his fault he makes things go crazy."

"...go crazy? Ha! More like roll over and present their bellies like a cat begging to be petted!"

"A cat?"

"Animals they keep as companions. Much like nikyans, only much smaller and without horns or venom."

"But they still think they rule?"

"Basically. In some Earth societies, cats were worshiped as gods because they were so independent and proud and wait a second, are you trying to distract me?"

"It's working, isn't it?"

"Strangely, yes."

"Good. Let's find a way out."

"In case you've forgotten, none of us can exactly move in this tight space, thanks to the little matter of the Colonel's gene activating a booby-trap and plunging us all into a pit!"

"Tight space doesn't seem to stop your mouth."


"Rodney. Ronon. That is enough. We will either gain our freedom on our own or we will be rescued."

"You sound so sure of that."

"I am sure of it. I heard the Gate activate as we fell. Since we did not make it back in time, I am certain it was Atlantis."

"Could have been Wraith. Or Genii."

"Oh, aren't you just a ray of Satedan sunshine. Anyway, no matter which of the three it was, we'll be rescued."

"You think so? How come?"

"I highly doubt the Wraith eat their food in barbecue pits and the Genii want us alive too badly to leave us here. Either way, we'll be out of this pit soon. Right, Colonel?"


"John? ... I believe he is unconscious."

"You're right, he's dead weight and is that blood?"

"It would appear he was more injured by the fall than he let on."


"Absolutely. Okay, so we get out some way get John some help, get us some help --"

"It'll happen."

"Yes, yes, absolutely. It'll happen. We just need to hold on and--"

"Colonel Sheppard! Colonel Sheppard, can you hear me?"

"Major! Major Lorne, it's Doctor McKay! We're in a collapsed pit about half a mile west of the Gate! Colonel Sheppard is injured!"

"Hang on, Doctor! Are Teyla and Ronon--"

"We are in the pit as well, Major. I am uninjured."

"Me, too we're just stuck."

"Gotcha. Hang on, we're nearly there."

"Hear that, John? You'll be okay. We'll be out in no time."

"We see you! We're on our way!"


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