In Between

Missing Scene for Sentinel Too, Part One

By Enola Jones

He found himself warm and dry for a change. Looking around, he realised he was in a room with a brick archway.

“Where am I?” he wondered aloud. “Where is Alex? Where’s Jim? I was… I was in the fountain….”

“She tried to drown you,” an unfamiliar voice informed him.

“Did she succeed?”

“Yes. But it’s not your time.”

“I don’t – Jim! If I go back – he threw me out –“

“He loves you. You are the little brother he always wished Stephen could be. He is running on fear of betrayal now.”

He paused. “So…what do I do? If I go back, how do I know this won’t happen again?”

“It will. And worse. It will be a long time before Jim realises this pattern and breaks it.” A pause. “If you stay here, it will take him longer to realise it – if he realises it at all.”

His head turned. “He’s calling – I-I can feel it…”

“Go home, Blair. Go on. I will be here when you return.”

“Wait!” But Blair was already fading away. “Who are you?”

Then the arched room was empty – but not for long.

Slowly, the form of a man appeared. He wore an Army uniform with a 1960’s style medallion around his neck. “I’ll be here,” he whispered into the empty room. “I love you, son.”

Then Jacob Sandburg faded away to continue his vigil.

The End

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