By Enola Jones

“How are you doing?”


“That good, huh?”


“You really need to get some sleep.”

“You know why I can’t, Jim.”

“I know you need to stay awake after that knock on the head, but the time limit’s almost passed.”

“Serious? You…You’re not just sayin’ that?”

“C’mon, Chief! Have I ever asked you to do anything knowing it would hurt you?”

“…No. You haven’t.”

“Well, then. When it’s time, you just doze off. I’ll wake you in two hours.”



“All right. …Hey, Jim?”

“Yeah, Blair?”

“What if the nightmares come ba—“

“Then I’ll wake you sooner.”

“Thanks, Jim.”

“Anytime, Chief. That’s what partners are for – to watch each other’s backs.”

“Even in the Loft.”

“Even in the Loft. Hey, Chief, guess what?”


“Time’s up. You can rest now.”

“Thanks, Jim.”

“Sleep, Blair. I’ve got your back.”

“Night, Jim.”

“Night. See you in two hours.”

The End

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