By Enola Jones

Ever since the first 'adventure' the Monkees had had where Mike's cycle blindness had been revealed, they had known that Peter was a magician. He had been able to successfully 'flub' several tricks as a distraction.

Davy was poking around Peter's magic supplies and he found a pair of steel handcuffs. He clicked them around one wrist and looked for the key --- belatedly realising he couldn't find it.

He looked at the clock and swore --- he had a date in two hours and he couldn't go with a steel bracelet around his wrist! "Peter!" he called, turning around from the crouched position --- and he heard an ominous 'click'.

Swallowing hard, Davy looked down. Sure enough, his movement had jarred the other cuff up and around his other wrist --- and he was now fully manacled.

"Peter!" he bellowed. "Peter!"

Peter came down the stairs from where he and Mike had been discussing ways of adapting more things to Mike's sightless times. He began to ask Davy what the problem was, but one look at Davy's wrists and he knew.

And he began to laugh.

Davy glared at him. " really isn't funny!"

"Yeah, it really is," Peter said, walking over. "Hold on, I've got you." He took Davy's hands and bounced them gently. "One. Two....

"Three!" A hard bounce, and with a metallic sigh, the cuffs were suddenly on Peter's wrists. Peter released Davy.

"Well, that gets me free," Davy said, rubbing his sore wrists. "But what about you? You're stuck now and there's no key in there!"

Peter laughed again. "Davy --- that's my kit. I'm a magician." He did something with his hands, and suddenly the cuffs were dangling from his fingertips.

Davy gaped. "How'd you--"

"Ah-ah! A magician never tells his secrets!" Peter grinned. "I only showed you how those two worked so you'd know how I was going to safely flub them."

No amount of arguing could get him to spill, so Davy left for his date just as puzzled as before. Peter put the kit away --- and turned at a chuckle from the stairs.

Mike was leaning against the railing. "Good thing that wasn't Micky --- we'd never hear the end of it!"

Peter shot him a wicked grin. "What makes you think I'm going to let Davy hear the end of this?"


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