By Enola Jones

It was a nice, peaceful day. Perfect weather. Perfect day for a picnic.

All six peacekeepers and Vin's 12 year old son were having a good time. They'd watched the boys -- Matthew Potter and Brian Connors were also along -- play and run and shout. It was rewarding for the men to watch Ezra and Matt draw the introverted Brian out of his shell and help him to become a laughing, happy child.

Much like Matt had done for Ezra.

As they all sat to eat, Brian asked, "Hey, Ezra -- how'd you get that gilded lily?"

Ezra's tongue went to the golden tooth automatically. He was silent for a long time, then he said, "Had to have something there after my mother knocked it out."

Six men stiffened, but they kept quiet, seeing Matt and Brian stiffen, too. "Your mother did that?" Brian squeaked.

Ezra nodded. "When her cons would fall apart, she'd rage for days. Once I had the -- misfortune -- of being too near. In her defense, she did not realise I was there when she threw the jewelry box, but it smashed into my face and knocked two of my teeth out. One was a baby tooth, so the dentist left it be. But the tooth beside it was an adult tooth, so he replaced it with gold. It pains me sometimes, but ...." He shrugged.

"Don't worry, boys," Vin was quick to soothe. "His mother ain't gonna be anywhere near him for any time to come."

"Good," Matt and Brian said with identical rage in their voices. Then Matt said, "Because she's just gotten another clan mad at her."

And six adults turned to hide their smiles, not realising that the boys were absolutely dead serious.


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