By Enola Jones

"Hey, Ezra." Vin held out his arms. "C'mere."

Ezra crawled onto the bench beside his father and leaned against him, feeling Vin's arms go around him and cradle him close. "What is it?" he asked.

"Tell me about some of the places you and your ma went to."

Ezra smiled and started to speak. He told of New Orleans. Of St. Louis. Of Charleston. Of San Francisco.

He wove in such detail that Vin could quite clearly see all those places even if he couldn't see anything else just now.

When Ezra fell silent, Vin asked, "So, what's the most exotic place you've ever been to? One of those?"

There was a smile in the child's voice. "No here. Cause here I've got a real family that loves me. Here, I have a real home. And that's new and exotic to me."

And Vin dropped a kiss on top of the boy's head.


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