By Enola Jones

"Too much time on my hands!" the radio sang, and Buck sang right along with it tapping his hands on the wheel as he drove home from work.

JD harmonised with him, singing at the top of his lungs. When the song ended, JD grinned at Buck. "Sounds like fun long weekend, absolutely nothing to do...."

"You goin' off with Casey?" Buck asked.

"No, I'm just gonna take off. Got a date with the open road just me and my bike --"

"Be careful, huh? That crotch-rocket's thrown you more times..."

"I will, I will!" JD laughed. "You don't have to worry!"

An hour later, as Buck watched JD roar away on his motorcycle, he sighed, "No, I don't have to worry but I do."


It was the weekend of the great art gallery opening, and the Twins were excited about it. Ezra was looking forward to the exhibits, and his excitement was bleeding into Vin.

Neither of the noticed, as they got out of the Jag and surrendered it to the valet to park, that they'd dressed alike again.

Neat new jeans, green polo shirts and denim jackets.

They were conspicuous among the suits and gowns and neither one cared one iota.

One of Ezra's former paramours was insulting his choice of attire to her friends in French, causing them all to laugh. Vin passed by them en route to the wine, cheese, and cracker buffet and overheard it.

As he passed by them again on the way back toward the gallery, he shocked them all by delivering a scathing critique of each of their dresses cut, style, fabric, colour, on and on in precise language and biting detail.

All in perfect French.

He joined Ezra by the Monet and grinned as he passed him a glass of Savignon. Thanks for the translation, he sent.

Not a problem, Ezra sent back as he sipped the wine. It was more than my pleasure to put your poetic details into French the look on her face was worth every translated syllable!

Passers-by a moment later wondered what the twin brothers were laughing at so heartily.


Josiah knocked smartly on the door and rocked backward on his heels, whistling a little as he waited.

Rain opened the door and smiled at him. "Come on in," she said, holding the door open. "We're almost ready."

"You look beautiful," Josiah said, walking in and brushing a kiss on her cheek. "Green is definitely your colour."

"You'd say that about any colour I wore," Rain laughed, moving to the hall mirror to finish putting in her earrings.

"You flirtin' with my wife, Josiah?" Nathan play-growled as he came out of the bathroom.

Josiah's grin grew. "I most certainly am!" he chuckled.

"Very skillfully, I might add," Rain chuckled as she hugged Nathan. "Are you ready?"

"Yup." He grinned into her eyes before kissing her. Then he turned to Josiah and chuckled. "Got earplugs to go with that outfit?"

"What?" He looked down at his wildly-patterned tunic. "Too busy?"

"Slightly," Rain chuckled. "But it's okay. The Festival will be so bright, he'll fit in just fine!"

Josiah shot Nathan a broad grin as he escorted Rain out the door. Nathan shook his head. "Should'a brought some sunglasses for that damn shirt," he muttered as he scooped up his car keys and the map to the Tenth Annual Denver Festival In Celebration Of Black History Month.


Buck gaped as he parked the truck at Chris's ranch. He gaped even more as he got out and circled the motorcycle that was parked beside the truck. "JD?" he called, jogging toward the front door.

"He ain't here," Chris said as he came out onto the porch. At Buck's mute point toward the motorcycle, Chris shook his head. "I know. He's got my car."

Buck's head snapped around. "He's what?"

Chris fixed him with a glare, but for once a grin was threatening to ruin it. "I know how you worry. He decided while he was here to go to Boulder for that computer convention. I told him to leave the bike here, and he did."

Buck all but collapsed with relief.

Chuckling, Chris asked, "So why are you here?"

"To kidnap you," Buck replied with a cheeky grin.

"Kidnap me, huh?" Chris tilted his head. "Now where would you kidnap me to?"

"There's an exhibit of Old West stuff at the Denver Historical Society. Guns, spurs, the whole shebang."

Chris felt himself beginning to smile. "Sounds good." He spread his hands. "Kidnap away!"


Tuesday morning felt like Monday after the long weekend.

JD came in gushing about Boulder and the conference. Buck and Chris shared about the museum.

"Museum?" Vin and Ezra said in perfect unison. "We were at a museum, too!" Then, finishing each other's sentences seamlessly and occasionally speaking in unison, the Twins told of the opening they'd attended.

Seven voices boomed in laughter as they took great relish in telling of putting the snooty "ladies" in their place.

Josiah went on and on about the "spiritual experience" he'd had at the Festival. Nathan finally explained, "He ended up finding an old-style preacher who introduced him to an old-style Spiritual singer. He literally did have a 'Spiritual' experience!"

Amid the laughter, they all agreed they'd all had a wonderful weekend.


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