by Enola Jones

Well, here I am again.

Although I really shouldn't be surprised. I could have told you this was coming a week ago when I heard Ezra and Vin bandying their latest exciting scheme about. I didn't pay it much mind -- figured it was like their others. Figured they'd just talk it out till they got sick of it and that'd be the end of that.

I should'a figured. Not this time. This time those two got it into their heads to go down to Las Vegas for the grand opening of its newest hotel! They figured they'd have as good a chance as any of winning the jackpot the hotel was giving away that night and what the hell -- may as well have fun with a few showgirls or two, right?

Yeah, right.

From what I could gather on the phone, one thing led to another thing led to a little too much alcohol led to a lot of trouble -- so here I am, at a Las Vegas police station at midnight bailing these two bright boys out of jail.


At least this time they weren't doing anything blatantly illegal. They'd just had a little too much to drink, gone for a joyride on an elephant (I can't wait to hear the back story behind this one!), disrupted a show and were picked up outside an Elvis Presley wedding chapel.

I should leave them here.

Nah, I'm a good guy. I'll pick their sorry asses up and take them home, let them sleep it off. I'll get the story behind the elephant ride and ask Vin just how good a dancer Ezra really is.

I think I'll leave out the part where they got so drunk they tried to get married. The King – so to speak -- saw they were drunk and not aware of their actions, so he called the cops to pick them up so they could sleep it off….. Nah, I'll keep that little gem to myself.

Okay, sleeping uglies. Wakey-wakey. Time to go home.


The End

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