By Enola Jones

Written for the 12 Days of Christmas challenge: Day 7: “Two characters of your choice compare the people in their division to Santa's reindeer.”

The two scientists were chuckling at a table in the corner of the Mess Hall. They'd decided to play a game – comparing members of the department to Santa's reindeers.

They'd agreed that Simpson was Vixen. Kusanangi was Cupid – always loving.

"You're Dancer," Parrish said with a grin. "Always dancing around trying to assert an authourity you don't have."

His dining companion – his tongue loosed by the mildly alcoholic thrasa they were drinking – snorted slightly. "Then you're Prancer – always prancing about to Lorne's tune!"

Parrish laughed. "Well, I am on his Team. Okay, so we've Dancer and Prancer..."

"Vixen and Cupid," Kavanaugh nodded. "Who's Rudolph?"

"That's easy. Collins in astrophysics."

Kavanaugh laughed. "I'll give you that – even though Rudolph's nose was red -- not brown."

They shared a rare laugh. Then they struggled through the next few names.

Parrish felt Keller was Dasher – the way she flitted from man to man and flirted with anything male. Kavanaugh felt flighty Morris in Biology was Dasher, the way he dashed from project to project.

Kavanaugh felt Heightmeyer was Comet for the way she bulled through things. Parrish felt Katie Brown was, for how she managed to burn through McKay's brashness. "Wouldn't be surprised if he didn't ask her out someday," he said, which made Kavanaugh shake his head.

"Donner," Parrish said.

Kavanaugh snorted. "Donner's easy. So's Blitzen."

"Do tell."

"Isn't it obvious? Donner and Blitzen? Thunder and Lightning? McKay and Zelenka!"

Parrish's eyes widened. "Loud and swift – deadly and dangerous if crossed."

"Exactly. I may not like either one of them – but I can't and won't deny that those two together are very dangerous."

"I agree. And – since it's Christmas..." Parrish held up his glass. "To our own Donner and Blitzen."

"To living with a dangerous pair," Kavanaugh said as their glasses clinked together.


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