By Enola Jones

Authour’s Note: This is the events of part of the episode “Fern And Davy” with a twist that leads to Mike’s life changing irrevocably. I had nothing to do with the creation of that episode (I was born 2 years after it aired) and it is with love I dedicate this story to the writers of that episode.

The Monkees had learned to tolerate Davy’s annoyingly cute habit of breaking into song and dance at the drop of a hat. Any hat.

More than once, his habit had gotten them into trouble. But nobody knew how radically their lives would change when Davy took Peter’s quip of needing a vacation as a cue to break into “Swanee River” in downtown Malibu Beach.

This day, a stage mother happened to glance out her window and watch him. Her scheming mind clicked a plot in place.

She called them in and ‘read’ their tea leaves. She told Peter he was going to get sick – and her daughter poured pepper on his jacket.

She told Micky he was going to find a flat tire – and her daughter went out with a hammer and nail.

She tried to look at Mike’s, but the canny Texan grinned and turned his cup upside down on the saucer. The rebuff was silent and kind – but unmistakably firm.

She raised an eyebrow, and then turned to Davy. Her reading was incredible – he would leave the group for a girl.

They left the shop laughing about the fake predictions – until Peter sneezed.

Then they got to the Monkeemobile – and found a tire flat.

Davy gasped, “Two came true! Do – do you think…”

“Get him in the car!” Mike bellowed. As the others did just that, Mike grabbed a length of tubing and fixed it to the tire’s pressure valve. Taking a deep breath, he put his mouth on the other end of the tubing and began to blow.

After the second hard puff of air, Mike felt something seem to tear behind his eyes. With each subsequent one, the attendant headache grew worse and worse.

He’d soon discover what it meant – and how different his life would become.


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