by Enola Jones

Davy was out with girl #1653 when the call arrived.

Mike took it and took down the information. "Hey, guys!" he called as he hung up the phone.

"Yeah?" Micky called from upstairs.

"You know a Jane Tucker?"

Davy chose that moment to walk in. "Jane Tucker? Why?"

Mike waved the paper. "She just called. She'll be here at seven."

Davy looked at the clock. It was six. "Man. Doesn't give me much time."

"Time to get the place cleaned up?" Peter asked.

"No!" Davy said adamantly. "Time for me to hide!"

"Hide?" Micky slid down the railing. "Why do you wanna do that?"

"Jane Tucker is the nerdiest, plainest, most boring person I've ever known! If she's coming, I'm going!"

The four argued back and forth about it for so long that they ended up being interrupted by a knock on the door.

Peter opened it and a beautiful brunette smiled up at him. "Is this where David Jones lives?" her soft English alto asked.

Peter smiled at her. "It sure is. C'mon in. Hey Davy! Company!"

Davy turned around and -- literally -- gawked at her. ".......Jane?"

She nodded, smiling at him. "Been a long time."

" has." His eyes raked her up and down, widening in shock.

"I see you've noticed the changes." At his mute nod, she asked, "I repeat now what I asked five years ago. Will you please go out with me?"

"In a heartbeat," Davy whispered.

Jane gave a satisfied nod. "That's all I wanted to hear." She spun on her heel and moved toward the door.

Davy blinked, startled. "Huh?" he gasped. "J-Jane? Where...where are you going?"

She turned back to face him. "I had to know, Dave. I had to prove two things to myself."

"What were those?"

"Number one, that I was now confident enough that I seemed pretty. That is the only change I made, Dave. Confidence."

"And....the second?" Davy asked.

Her smile grew. "That you are still the same shallow, self-centered, conceited idiot I knew in school. Some people don't change, Dave. You're one of them. Always have been."

With that, she left, giving Peter a kiss on the cheek that made him blush.

Davy rubbed the back of his neck. "What just happened here?" he asked.

Micky grinned. "I'd say Justice was served."

"I'd agree," Mike said, laughing.


Authour's note: This story came about as a challenge --- write a nonpowered, nonhandicapping, nongenderbending story in under thirty minutes. This was written in ten.

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