By Enola Jones

Note: This is an AU of Search and Rescue, in that Charin truly was Teyla's grandmother instead of “like a grandmother to me”.

Bitter disappointment welled up in Teyla's throat as she watched the altered Kanaan walk out of the bay that was her prison. At least she was free --- though that meant nothing.

Unarmed, her girth an encumbrance, trapped on Michael's warship --- she could do nothing to free herself.


It rankled along her nerves, scalding them like the hottest of fires. She could not stand being helpless, not able to do anything --- and yet, here she was.

Suddenly, to add insult upon insult, a rippling pain tore through her lower abdomen, hard enough to make her gasp and grip the table that had been her bed and her prison. "" she whispered. ", not now....not here..."

"Hush, child," a voice dearly remembered caressed her ears. "It is the way of children. Your father had the worst timing of arrival --- and it seems your son will as well."

She turned to see a shimmering woman standing on the other side of the bed. After another pain doubled her over, she managed to choke out, "Charin?"

Her grandmother smiled warmly at her. "I am here until you are rescued, child. Your son will not be born among enemies – but among your dearest family."

"Charin... how... how can this be?"

"You are in need. I am here to help. That is all. Child, you must hold on to hope. You are not alone and you will not be alone."

"I am alone --- on ---" she gasped as another pain hit. "On the ship of my enemy --- about to give birth!"

"Your friends are here. They will be arriving shortly. You must hold on, my child. You must. I will remain until they find you."

Teyla looked up into the eyes she remembered so well and whispered, "You are really here...."

"I was allowed to come and assist you through this."

Tears of something other than pain filled Teyla's eyes, though she did not let them fall. "Charin...."

"You are never alone, dear child. Never alone. Always loved."

And with that, gunfire erupted outside her cell. P-90 gunfire. Teyla's eyes widened and she turned toward the door. "John?" she called loudly. "John?"

When his voice answered, she felt relief detonate through her body. Charin had been right! They had come for her! She turned to share a smile with her grandmother.

But there was only empty space where she had stood.


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