By Enola Jones

Carson smiled as he re-entered the private room where John sat, holding the child on his lap. He'd hardly let him go since his appearance in his room some hour previous. He looked up and asked, "Well?"

Carson's smile grew. "The DNA confirms it. It's Rodney."

"Told you," John said, gazing down at the sleeping child.

"With a modification."

That caught John's attention. He looked up. "What modification?"

"He has part of your DNA in his genome as well. He truly is your son."

John blinked. "How in the world did he get part of my DNA?"

"The gene therapy I did when he was an adult," Carson said. "He was the only one to get the serum from your DNA. You were offworld when I made the next batch, so I used mine. It seems to have kept in his system through his journey."

John shot Carson a smile at his creative side-stepping of what Rodney had been through. Then he looked down at the boy again. "So you're really mine, huh, Rodney?" He ran a gentle finger along the sleeping boy's jaw. "Then Atlantis is your birthright, too."

Carson opened his mouth, realised John was right, and closed it. Quietly, he slid out of the room and let the new father be alone with his son.

Things were certainly going to be interesting from here on out.


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