By Enola Jones

Rodney looked blearily up from his bed and smiled to see his Team coming in. "What's going on? You certainly look better than you did a few hours ago."

The three of them smiled. The last time Rodney had seen them, they were dusty and exhausted, having all just returned from Sateda. Rodney and Carson had been there as well, but all the exertion had caused Rodney's recent arrow wound to seep, revealing unseen infection.

So Carson had re-opened the wound and cleaned it out, and Rodney was just waking up from the sedative again. Ronon was recovering as well, having had the tracker dug out of his back again.

"How are you feeling, Rodney?" Teyla asked.

Rodney looked over at Ronon. "That's my line to you."

Ronon smirked at him. "I'm fine."

"He really is," John said. "No infection, no nothing. Unlike some people, who threw an infection on Carson!"

"Didn't know that was gonna happen," Rodney said woozily. He frowned as he registered that John was holding a frame. "What's that?"

"Your award," John said, handing it to him.

Rodney blinked blearily at him. "Award?" He blinked the fog out of his eyes until he could read the award.

For The Best Reaction To Getting Shot Any Of Us Has Ever Heard

This Award Hereby Goes To Rodney McKay For His Brilliantly Hilarious Quip In The Middle Of A Very Tense Situation Upon Getting Shot In The Ass

Rodney managed to glare at John, then found himself losing the battle with sleepiness.

As he was pulled under, he felt their hands on his shoulders and arms and realised they had not done this out of meanness --- they were trying to laugh with him.

Remembering what he had chirped out when the arrow had impacted -- "That did NOT just happen!" -- Rodney felt his lips curve with laughter as he joined them in their mirth.

Then sleep took him away from the pain.


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