A Question of Honor

by Enola Jones

Authorís Note: This story was an answer to the September 2001 Challenge: Write a story from the POV of a villain. Here is my offering -- a missing scene from 'Love and Honour'.

I loved her once.

Ridiculous, no? Someone of my background and someone of hers. But I loved her.

I did everything in my power to show her I loved her. Everything. She seemed to return my affections, and I was delighted.

But when I declared my love for her in words and attempted to show her the ultimate expression of a man's love for a woman, what does she do?

She throws my affection into my face!

I was thoroughly within my rights the night of the fiesta. I had determined that this night, she would know my feelings for her. Perhaps once she understood, she would realise just what I was offering her with my love.

Prestige. Power. A title and land.

But no. She selfishly chose to cling to her peasant ways. So, I realised my words would not work on her small mind. Peasants only understand actions.

Thus, I commenced to show her exactly what glories awaited her, in front of the entire villa. Therefore, I reasoned, she could not refuse me.

Not only did she refuse me -- humiliate me -- she took the edge of a shattered bottle to my throat!


From that moment on, my vast love for her vanished. I convalesced with only one thought in my mind:

How to regain my honor.

Humiliated. Sullied. Made an object of scorn. Dishonored.

All because of her.

Once I recovered, I set out after her. I will bring her home. Do I love her now?

No. I loved her once -- but no longer. But I will bring her back. She will be my esposa,* the mother of my hijos.* This I swear.

Why do I pursue a mujer* that I do not love? Ah, that answer is so obvious it scarcely needs to be said.

She publicly dishonored me. Only by returning her to my home as my wife -- completely under my control -- can my honour be restored.

And make no mistake -- my honour will be restored.

Beginning tomorrow, once I defeat and kill the overgrown child who has set himself up as her protector.


Note: Translations in order they are presented. *Bruja -- witch. Esposa -- wife. Hijos -- sons. Mujer -- woman.

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