By Enola Jones

As had happened once before, Ezra barricaded himself in his apartment. The difference was – this time – Chris let him mope for two days.

Then he picked the lock and let himself inside.

With a roar of fury, Ezra threw a clock at him. Chris caught it and set it down. “First of all, it’s after nine. Are you okay?”

Glaring at him, Ezra nodded.

“Ah, you were Bess voluntarily earlier, then.”

Another nod.

“So – can she talk okay?

Ezra shot him a You –gotta- be kidding! glare.

Chris folded his arms. “You haven’t even tried as Bess.”

No shit, Ezra managed to mouth.

“Try it.” At Ezra’s incredulous look, Chris smiled. “I’m serious – think of you and Bess as multiple personalities, okay?”

Intrigued, Ezra sat down.

Knowing Ezra was listening, Chris explained, “Sometimes when people have more than one personality, what affects one won’t affect another. One time, one personality had diabetes and all the others were fine. So maybe the aphasia will stay with you and Bess will be able to speak.”

Chris studied the green eyes as he spoke and saw hope warring with fear and paranoia there. “Just try,” he encouraged. “For me.”

Ezra’s eyes softened. He knew Bess was a separate personality from him. Bess loved Chris romantically. Ezra was fond of Chris – but as a brother.

For him, Ezra transformed into Bess. But still, fear and paranoia shone in her emerald eyes.

“Say something,” Chris said.

“What do you want me to say?” Bess asked. Her eyes widened, and she flew into Chris’s arms, trembling with relief and joy.


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