By Enola Jones

Written for the Last Fanfiction Writer Standing "script tag" challenge. A tag to "Enemy At The Gate".

[SHEPPARD stands from leaning on the balcony. Next to him, AMELIA stands with RONON's arm around her shoulders. TEYLA stands serenely on SHEPPARD's other side, WOOLSEY has moved to stand beside her. McKAY is embracing KELLER slightly to one side. ALL are gazing silently at the Golden Gate Bridge.]

AMELIA Well, I'm on duty in a few minutes. [kisses RONON's cheek and walks back inside.]

KELLER I need to get going, too. [kisses McKAY's cheek] Don't be out too long. [moves to touch RONON's shoulder] You, either.


KELLER [smiles and goes inside]

WOOLSEY [to RONON] You seem very thoughtful today.

RONON [gestures] We had structures like that on Sateda. The Wraith bombed them to make sure we couldn't leave our cities.

WOOLSEY I'm sorry. [pauses] I actually wanted to ask you four something.

SHEPPARD What's going on?

WOOLSEY I've noticed.... well, it seems silly....

TEYLA What is it, Mister Woolsey?

WOOLSEY [looks at them] Why doesn't this feel like I'm home?

[Understanding smiles break out]

RONON Because you're not.

McKAY Atlantis has a way of getting under your skin into your heart and soul.

TEYLA You have become a true Lantean, Mister Woolsey.

SHEPPARD And there's only one cure for that feeling.

WOOLSEY What's that?

ALL FOUR Go home.

WOOLSEY You mean back to Pegasus. [leans on the railing and sighs] The IOA might have something to say about that.

[ALL fall silent]

WOOLSEY But you're right. [stands] We belong in Pegasus. [raises chin] ALL of us.

McKAY Ah, but the IOA--

WOOLSEY Leave them to me. [smiles] With assistance from our resident Pegasus diplomat.

[TEYLA smiles at him]

WOOLSEY [grinning] Besides we might even get them to think it was their idea!

McKAY How so?

WOOLSEY I'm not sure, yet. [smiles at TEYLA] But we'll think of something.

TEYLA Yes. We shall.

McKAY [to Sheppard] We're going home, then?

SHEPPARD [beaming] Yeah, buddy. We're going home!

McKAY [nods] Good. Because none of us born on Earth belongs here any more. We're all Pegasus. Every last one of us who went to Atlantis we're hers.

WOOLSEY [nods seriously] We are hers. And we will get her home. And we will get ourselves home just as soon as we can.

ALL [nod, as if believing him. Turn again to look at the Bridge]

McKAY [softly] You know what's kind of weird?

SHEPPARD Feeling like an alien on your own homeworld?

McKAY Yeah. [RONON pats him on the shoulder as they turn to go inside.]


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