By Enola Jones

Ronon felt too warm to move.

To keep Rodney from focusing on the errand his parents were on, he had put on a DVD of something called "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" followed by "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer".

It was the middle of the fall, but the Christmas cartoons kept the boys distracted.

And it also tired them out. Torren had climbed into Ronon's lap and Rodney had leaned against his side.

So, now Ronon felt too warm to move as they waited for word.

His radio chirped and he said softly, "Dex here."

"They're back," Woolsey's voice informed him. "Carson is checking them over. They seem unharmed, but they're falling all over each other, exhausted."

"Let me know when we can see them," Ronon said. "Got a very anxious boy here who needs to see his dad."

Rodney looked up at him, and he smiled reassurance into the worried blue eyes.

"I'll do that," Woolsey said. "Woolsey out."

Ronon nodded and looked into Rodney's eyes again. "They're back."

"Are they okay?"

"Carson's looking at 'em, but they seem to be."

"When can we see them?"

"When Carson's done."

Rodney nodded and leaned against him again.

This time, the warmth Ronon felt wasn't entirely just from the body heat of two little boys.


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