By Enola Jones

John was sitting contentedly with his Team, watching the DVD credits roll.

Thanks to the accident with Ancient Tech a few weeks ago that had turned both Rodney and Teyla into children, John and Ronon had found themselves parents. Radek was working nearly round the clock to reverse the process, but in the meantime both of the new fathers were determined that their kids would be happy ones.

John looked over and chuckled to see Ronon standing with his precious burden draped limply over his shoulder. "She didn't make it?" he asked softly.

"No, she fell asleep somewhere around the Island of Misfit Toys," Ronon smiled down at the copper-haired child in his arms. "I'm gonna put her to bed. Cue another one up?"

"Will do." John watched his back retreat, then looked down at the warm little boy sitting bundled in an Athosian blanket by his side. "You up for another Christmas movie?"

"Which one?" Rodney asked, blinking huge blue eyes up at him.

John reached out and smoothed blond curly bangs from his eyes. "I was thinking 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'. It's how Santa came to be Santa."

"Sounds good." Rodney leaned against him for a moment, and John felt a pang that Rodney's adult memories hadn't remained. "I figured it out, you know."

"Figured what out?" John asked as Ronon returned and sat on the other end of the couch.

Rodney nodded at the screen. "Why Rudolph's nose shines like that."

"Oh?" John asked, bracing himself for more scientific data coming from a five-year-old mouth. Even as a child, Rodney was scarily smart. "And why does Rudolph's nose shine like that?"

"Easy," Rodney said, tucking back into John's warm side. "He's a mutant."

Startled, John and Ronon looked at each other. Then both began to smile.

Their smiles only grew when Rodney complained, "So when's the next movie gonna start?"


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